08.26.14 :-)


I’m working on my own life story. I don’t mean I’m putting it together; no, I’m taking it apart.

— Margaret Atwood, The Tent. (Anchor, 2007)

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Would you stay and talk to me? Just until this storm has passed, because your voice soothes the waves that have been crashing against my soul, and I’m so tired.

Be here with me, and let’s talk of love, hope, peace, and the joys of tomorrow; it’s so dark and the world is so hurt, but if we talk for a little while, maybe we can bring a little light to where we are.

So, stay with me, and let’s talk until the pounding has stopped, and the world is silent and still again.

" — T.B. LaBerge // Let’s Talk (via tblaberge)